Techniques and Tactics of Intervention

We offer Instructor Courses for representatives of uniformed services and civilians.

Available specializations:

  • Instructor of Techniques and Tactics of Intervention using a telescopic baton and tonfa
  • Instructor of Defense Techniques and Tactics and Knife Fighting
  • Self-Defense and Intervention Techniques and Tactics Instructor
  • Self-Defense Instructor for Women

Each of the specializations is divided into four classes:

  • KLASA „B” – podstawowa       BASIC
  • KLASA „A” – zaawansowana  ADWANCED
  • KLASA „E” – ekspert.                 EXPERT
  • KLASA „M” – mistrzowska       MASTER

Instructor classes allow you to evaluate the instructor's knowledge, experience and skills, and for them are also confirmation of the acquired knowledge and motivation for further development.

How to become an INSTRUCTOR

Anyone who is over 18 years of age and has no criminal record can participate in the SAJN Instructor Course. The courses are organized in the form of a closed training for uniformed groups and in the form of open trainings available to all interested parties (excluding minors and persons with criminal record).

How much time does it take to become a beginner INSTRUCTOR

The basic course is a 16-hour training cycle. It contains a theoretical and practical part. An advanced course is 25 - 36 hours of training. It contains a practical and theoretical part. Please notice, that at both levels, the duration of the course depends on the personal involvement and possible previous experience of the exercisers. It happens that some people need more time to obtain an instructor's promotion.

After completing the course, participants receive an Instructor Certificate, an Instructor Pass and a SAJN System Instructor License.