One of the pillars of the SAJN System, apart from the use of a telescopic baton and intervention and self-defense techniques, is the defense against a knife attack and knife fighting.

More and more often, we hear about attacks with a knife and other dangerous tools. Proper defense knowledge and skills are an invaluable tool that can save both our and our family lives and health. Usage of a knife by an aggressor also increases the risk significantly during the intervention of uniformed services.

Therefore, basing on many years of experience and our knowledge, we have developed the necessary defense sets combined with appropriate training methodology, which ensures high efficiency and safety.

Responding to the needs of uniformed services within the SAJN Special Training Center, a unique BRAVE tactical knife was designed. Its patented design significantly increases the effectiveness of combat and defense and improves user safety.

We will teach you:

  • How to effectively defend yourself against an aggressor armed with a knife
  • How to behave and what is important during crisis situations, such as street provocations
  • How to improve your safety so that you will not become a victim of an assault, e.g. how to get around the street, what places to avoid
  • How to behave when you notice a knife on the attacker

Our offer includes trainings:

  • Individual and in groups
  • For beginners and advanced
  • Instructor courses