Uniformed services

The SAJN system was created in a response to the needs of representatives of uniformed services, considering their work specification and applicable legal regulations as well as on the basis of the analysis of threats that the representatives of uniformed services have to face.

Many years of experience and understanding the real needs of uniformed services officers resulted in excellent methodology of the trainings.

We work in small groups with a strong emphasis on the transparency of techniques, which results in its better understanding and effective acquisition of knowledge.

In addition, training programs in individual specializations are analogous and closely connected with each other, which also significantly affects the effectiveness of the training process.

We work with many institutions such as the Police, Customs Service, Prison Service, Border Guards and Polish Army, conducting training across the country and beyond its borders. Among our instructors there are many representatives of uniformed services.

The SAJN Special Training Center has published the first training book for uniformed services in the field of using a multi-purpose telescopic baton in the world. Use of the baton in the work of uniformed services is one of the main elements of the System.

The other pillars of the SAJN System are techniques and tactics of intervention and self-defense as well as defense against knife attack and knife fighting. For representatives of uniformed services, we recommend in particular refresher trainings and instructor courses. We run courses in training centers of individual uniformed formations, in our headquarters or in another agreed location.

We also have a training offer for uniformed groups and classes.