Telescopic Baton

We offer basic and advanced courses and trainings in the field of technology and tactics of intervention using a telescopic baton for uniformed services and for civilians.

We have trained over 230 instructors already, and our techniques and training programs are successfully implemented and executed in many formations of uniformed services in Poland, and in the world.

The SAJN System training program was created specifically for the needs of representatives of uniformed services, taking into account their specificity and legal regulations, including using a telescopic baton in intervention in accordance with the Act on Direct Coercive Measures.

Trainings are based on the original program developed by Master Jan Nycek and include a comprehensive set of techniques and tactics of intervention with the use of telescopic baton.

We will teach you:

  • How to effectively defend against an aggressor armed with a knife or machete
  • How to conduct a safe intervention
  • When and how to use the telescopic baton during an intervention
  • How to effectively defend against several attackers

We have completed hundreds of trainings for over 5,000 participants, including officers of uniformed services from institutions such as the Police, Prison Service, Border Guards, Customs Service or the Polish Army

Our offer includes trainings:

  • Individual and in groups
  • For beginners and advanced
  • Instructor courses